8 Best Viking Axes & Bearded Axes

Axes have been used by countless warriors and civilizations throughout history. No civilization is quite as renowned for its brutal use of the axe, though, than the Vikings. Almost every fierce Viking owned a wood cutting axe that could quickly be called upon as a fearsome weapon.

Some axes were also created specifically for war. Equipped with these powerful weapons, the Vikings were able to raid across huge portions of Europe and establish their empire. They are remembered today as some of the most powerful warriors to have ever lived.

While their ships and trading routes are long gone, their technology remains. Viking axes - also known as Dane Axes - can still be purchased today, but these are even more powerful options that benefit from leaps in technology.

Now, it's possible to get all of the appeal and beauty of a Viking axe in a package that is imbued with the latest manufacturing techniques and materials. Choosing the right axe can be difficult, though, so we have put together this buying guide.

Follow our advice and you'll have the best Dane axe in no time!

How to Buy the Best Viking Axe

Before you embark on your journey, you're going to want to define a series of key criteria that you will use to assess the options out there. This will add structure to the research process and help you to make sure that your viking axe ticks all of the boxes.

While your needs will obviously be unique, here's a closer look at just some of the key criteria that you should look out for to make sure you're happy with your purchase.

The Size

There is no standard size when it comes to the length of the handle or the width of the blade - this all comes down to your personal preferences and your own size. You will find that the larger you are, the heavier and larger the axe you can handle.

That isn't always to say that the heavier and longer the better, though. While this means that you can generate more power, it also means that you run the risk of becoming more inaccurate with your chopping.

The Purpose

What exactly are you hoping to achieve with your Dane axe? Some people will hope to use it in a practical way to chop wood and help with other outdoor tasks. Other people, though, will simply want a display piece that looks brilliant and captures their love of Viking weaponry.

It's important that you think carefully about whether you would like an authentic or a display piece. Your answer to this question will play a huge role in determining which type of axe that you go for.

You will find, for instance, that the decorative items are generally lower in price than the practical items. The display items are also weaker and not fit for use, which will narrow the possibilities that you have.

best viking axe

The Handle

Your handle is going to be your key point of contact with your viking axe - it's important that it's as comfortable and appropriate as possible. You should look for a handle that is smooth and wide enough for your hands, while offering you the grip that you need to safely operate your Viking axe.

There are lots of other factors to consider, too, like the weight of the handle compared to the head and much more.

The Look and Feel

If you are opting to purchase a Viking axe, it's probably because you love the way that they look and feel! These are truly iconic weapons and tools, so you'll want to find one that really invokes that sense of wonder and total power.

When you're assessing the various options out there, don't be afraid to wait for an axe to jump out at your. You should fall in love with the way that the axe loves if you're going to love your axe for many years to come.

The Blade

The blade is incredibly important - you'll want to find a quality option that has a head made from a strong and robust material that can last. The blade should be sharp and free from any damage.

Ideally, it will also be possible to resharpen the blade over time. This means that you will get the maximum value possible from your axe over the years and enjoy clean cuts on your objects.

The Design

Aside from the look and feel, you'll also want to make sure that the design makes sense from a range of different perspectives. The Viking axe should be ergonomic and comfortable and the workmanship should feel impressive throughout.

The head and the handle should play together in harmony, too, to make sure that everything is cohesive and pleasurable to use.

The Weight

One of the biggest factors that will determine whether or not you like your Viking axe is its weight. You need to make sure that you choose a Viking axe that offers you a comfortable weight that strikes the balance between power and dexterity.

You should carefully consider what you are going to be using your axe for and which weight is going to be the most appropriate for your needs.

The Materials

Finally, you will want to pay close attention to the materials of your Viking axe. The axe will endure some serious impact over the years, so it's important that it is built form durable materials that can stand the test of time.

The biggest choice you will have to make is deciding between more traditional and synthetic materials that have become common in recent years.

The Workmanship

If you are looking for a quality axe that will last you for a lifetime, you'll want to find a quality item that has been lovingly crafted by one of the world's most renowned manufacturers. If quality isn't that important, you might be okay finding a Viking axe that has been put together by a pair of safe hands.

Be aware, though, that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to items like this. If you purchase a poor-quality item, you might find that there are some defects with your item.

Top 8 Viking Axes

Now that we have a better understanding of what you need to look at when choosing a Viking axe, let's dive right into some of the best options on the market.

1. Damascus Axe 19″ Long

This stunning Damascus axe truly has a vintage look and it's easy to imagine something similar being held by a fearsome warrior. It is 19-inches long and it has a wide 5-inch edge that can achieve some really powerful blows.

Damascus Axe 19″ Long


  • An authentic look.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Steel blade.


  • A little short for some.

This product is best for people who want a tough and reliable axe that has an old-fashioned handle with a rustic feel.

2. Denix Replica Medieval 17th Century Viking Battle Axe

This decorative axe helps you to capture the the Viking spirit with a long curved handle and a decorative head that features some stunning detail. As a display item, the blade cannot be sharpened and this has no practical purpose.

Denix Replica Medieval 17th Century Viking Battle Axe


  • Looks fantastic.
  • Great levels of detail.


  • No practical use.

This product is best for people who want to celebrate the spirit of Viking culture with a beautiful display item that will look great in their home.

3. Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bearded Carbon Steel Red Sandalwood Axe

This Viking axe looks very brutal and its Scandinavian design helps to capture the spirit of those ancient warriors. The hammer head butt adds a touch of class and with an overall length of 25-inches, this is an imposing piece.

Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bearded Carbon Steel Red Sandalwood Axe


  • An authentic design.
  • A large 7-inch blade.
  • A sharp blade.


  • Some complains about the head being wobbly.
  • The handle pales in terms of quality when compared to the head.
  • The blade must be sharpened.

This product is best for enthusiasts who want a really powerful, functional axe that captures the spirit of the Viking warrior.

4. Red Deer Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bearded Carbon Brown Oak Steel Axe

This Viking axe has a traditional look and feel with an oak handle that gives it a truly rough and ready feel. Otherwise, it has the same design and characteristics as the example above.

Red Deer Ragnar Lodbrok Viking Bearded Carbon Brown Oak Steel Axe


  • Quality head.
  • Strong and durable axe head.


  • The handle isn't as strong.
  • Some complains about workmanship.

This product is best for history enthusiasts who want a strong Viking axe head that could potentially be placed onto another handle.

5. SZCO Supplies Viking Battle Axe

This Viking battle axe makes quite the statement with its dramatic 13-inch blade. This curved blade is made from stainless steel, while the handle is made of simple wood. With an overall length of 27-inches, this is quite an impressive specimen.

SZCO Supplies Viking Battle Axe


  • An intriguing look and feel.
  • A dramatic look.


  • Not for practical use.
  • Only for display or reenactment.

This product is best for history enthusiasts who want to find a decorative axe that looks dramatic and makes for a fantastic display piece.

6. Custom made Damascus Steel Axe

This Viking hand axe was inspired by history and designed by true enthusiasts. It has a truly classic look and keeps things simple - a long handle is accented by a short and sharp stainless steel head. The head is particularly hard to combat the brittleness that is all too common with some axes.

Custom made Damascus Steel Axe


  • Overall great quality at a competitive price.
  • The opportunity to make lots of customizations.
  • A hard axe.


  • Some complaints about workmanship.
  • Loose connection between the handle and head.

This product is best for true lovers of Viking axes who want their very own formidable blade that they can adjust and customize over time.

7. Condor Tool & Knife

This premium Viking axe has a burnt American hickory handle that has been engraved with traditional markings. The head itself has been cut from high carbon steel that is durable and help you to achieve some really accurate cuts. With an overall length of 30-inches, this is a formidable option.

Condor Tool & Knife


  • The head is capable of being sharpened and used seriously.
  • The engravings looks authentic.


  • Some complaints about the connection between the handle and head.
  • The handle is of a lower quality than the head.

This product is best for people who want a decorative axe or those people looking for a strong axe head that can be fitted onto an alternative handle.

8. Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe

This Viking hand axe is truly inspired by Viking history. The steel head is sturdy and manages to avoid a lot of the brittleness issues that come with low-quality options. The long handle helps its owners to generate huge amounts of force.

Cold Steel Viking Hand Axe


  • A lot of potential for customization.
  • An authentic look and feel.
  • A bearded blade allowed for accurate cutting.


  • Some scattered complaints about workmanship.

This product is best for woodworking enthusiasts who want a truly powerful hand axe that looks just like an authentic Viking option.

The Best Viking Axe of 2021

As you can see, there are lots of options out there on the market that are just waiting to be enjoyed! New items are added constantly, too, so it's important that you are able to keep on top of the latest trends and products.

Choosing a Viking axe is an immensely personal choice, of course, but our recommendation is the Damascus Axe 19″ Long. We adore the handle and we think that it really does manage to capture some of the magic that surrounds the Vikings.

The head and handle are equally strong and you can rest assured that this option will be able to serve you well over the years as a practical and functional axe.

We hope that this guide has helped you to find the Viking axe that you have been looking for - if you have any questions or recommendations at all, please feel free to let us know! It would be our pleasure to chat with you about your axe and help you to find the best option.