10 Best Axes For Axe Throwing (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Throwing axes are immensely popular weapons that were used from the Middle Ages onwards by a wide range of military forces. These tools were used by both foot soldiers and knights to achieve a sense of range and attack their foes from a distance.

These throwing axes have evolved dramatically over the years and by now, there are some incredibly sophisticated throwing axes on the market. The improvements to the design and technology of those axes has created a thriving axe throwing sport that is enjoyed by countless people around the world.

If you are passionate about this sport, you'll want to get the best possible throwing axes to succeed and enjoy it. Finding the best throwing axes is no easy task, though, and you run the risk of purchasing poor-quality items that do not satisfy your desires.

To help you make sure that you get the best throwing axe possible, here's a comprehensive throwing axe buying guide. The perfect throwing axe is just a few clicks away - let's dive right into the guide!

Best Throwing Axe Buying Guide

What does the best throwing axe actually look like? Here's a look at the key criteria you should investigate to help identify the product that's perfect for your particular needs.

The Handle

It is very important that the handle of your throwing axe is very comfortable. It has to offer you a good grip while being tactile enough to help you properly execute your throwing technique. It's important that the handle isn't at all slippy.

Of course, it's important that the handle on your throwing axe is very durable and capable of resisting the significant shock that comes with impact. If the handle is built well from the best materials, you'll find that it can last for many years to come and that it will survive countless throws.


Throwing axes face a unique set of challenges. These items are thrown at an impressive speed and make quite the impact - the workmanship that goes into the throwing axe has to hold everything together.

These are sophisticated tools, too. The weighting has to be perfect to make sure that the axe achieves the appropriate flight path and that the axe sticks within its target. All of these steps demand impeccable craftsmanship.

Best Throwing Axes

The Materials

It will come as no surprise at all that the best throwing axes are made from the finest materials. There are lots of options out there according to your specific needs and goals - more traditional items with organic materials are available, while more modern options are built from various alloys and carbon fibers.

You should be sure to assess the range of materials that are available out there and learn more about the positives and negatives of each. This will help you to make an informed decision and understand the potential of your new throwing axe.

The Weight

The weight is one of the most important factors when it comes to your throwing axe. It's important that it is heavy enough to make a strong impact and achieve the right trajectory but it must also be light enough to throw effectively across large distances.

As you probably understand, this is a delicate balancing act and a lot of your decision will be based upon your personal preference. What is right for one person might be completely wrong for another - it's a matter of assessing your own preferences and finding a throwing axe that fits.

The Head and the Blade

There are lots of variations when it comes to the design of the head and the blade. These designs help you to achieve different cuts with your throwing axe and you might have a personal preference.

Some blades are more curved and wide, while others are smaller and straight. You will find that your decision will once again come down to personal preference. If you are unsure about which decision to make, you should do some research to find out what the different shapes can achieve.

The Design

Lastly, you'll want to really pay attention to the look and feel of the throwing axe. It's important that you choose an item that resonates with you on a deeper level. If it "feels" just right, you'll be sure to get the best results possible.

There are a wide range of designs out there, ranging all the way from traditional options to more modern updates.

The Balance

It's critical that the weight of your throwing axe is distributed evenly across the length of the throwing axe. This will make it comfortable to throw and help you to get predictable results as you throw it again and again.

The balance should feel just right and mean that the throwing axe is not too heavy in one particular area. This is key to being able to get accurate results.

best axe for axe throwing

Top 10 Throwing Axes

Let's dive right into the top 10 throwing axes out there.

1. Estwing Camper's Axe

This hatchet is made in the USA and it is forged from one piece. This means that the solid steel axe is incredibly durable and that it can help you with a wide range of important tasks from chopping lots to splitting firewood.

Estwing Camper's Axe


  • Made in the USA.
  • A genuine leather grip for a comfortable hold.
  • Comes with a heavy duty sheath.


  • Sometimes inefficient for certain purposes.
  • Needs some tuning.

This product is best for people looking for a strong and rugged axe that can be tuned up and cared for over time.

2. SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe

These tomahawks have an incredibly sharp stainless steel hatchet blade that helps it to bury deep within its target. The lightweight nature of the fast and agile tomahawk also makes it perfect for throwing.

SOG Tomahawk Throwing Axe


  • A hammer axe edge opposite the blade.
  • Nylon sheath.
  • Belt loops.


  • Some complaints about the comfort of the handle.
  • Axe and handle joint sometimes has issues.

This product is best for survival enthusiasts that want a versatile and lightweight axe that can just as easily be thrown as used to chop small pieces of wood.

3. Perfect Point Throwing Axe

This double pack gives you two black and satin finished steel throwing axes that come with nylon sheaths for safe storage and travel. The stainless steel handles feel comfortable and the blades can achieve a deep cut.

Perfect Point Throwing Axe


  • Incredibly sturdy.
  • A nice balance.
  • Sticks and achieves deep cuts.


  • A little on the heavy side for some people.
  • Not aesthetically intriguing.

This product is best for axe throwing enthusiasts who want value for money on two very sturdy and reliable throwing axes.

4. IUNIO Camping Axe

This survival multitool can be folded and adjusted into a wide range of shapes and functions. The assembly and disassembly is smooth and the tool is also backed with a lifetime warranty to guarantee your satisfaction.

IUNIO Camping Axe


  • Lots of different configurations.
  • Adjustable according to your specific needs.
  • Quality materials.


  • Reports of the blade becoming chipped after use.
  • The compass does not work well.

This product is best for people who want an adjustable and flexible tool for their camping trip.

5. Estwing Special Edition Sportsman's Axe

This sportsman's axe is a forged steel construction that comes with a comfortable and genuine leather grip. With a 14-inch length, this axe is incredibly versatile and offers a satisfying experience.

Estwing Special Edition Sportsman's Axe


  • Versatile and strong.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Fine materials.


  • The sticker on the handle can become sticky and uncomfortable.
  • Reports of some imperfections and poor quality control.

This product is best for people who want a throwing axe that is forged in one piece from heavy duty materials.

6. SOG Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet

This throwing hatchet comes with a 2.75-inch blade that is made from satin-polished stainless steel. This means that the axe is incredibly tough and durable, and its glass-reinforced nylon handle offers unparalleled comfort.

SOG Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet


  • A beautiful design.
  • Razor sharp finish.
  • The pommel is tough and well balanced.


  • Some complaints about quality and finish.
  • Question marks about the durability of some handles.

This product is best for axe lovers who want a durable and modern-looking hatchet that can get them great results.

7. Blade Factory 7pc Tactical Set

This multi-tool set comes with a wide range of tools that will help any camping enthusiast live comfortably in the wild. A series of knives and blades are accompanied by a tactical tomahawk axe that is great for chopping, splitting, and throwing.

Blade Factory 7pc Tactical Set


  • A fun option to become familiarized with different objects.
  • Quality items to play with.
  • Good value for money.


  • The quality isn't the highest.
  • The items do not hold a sharp edge well.

This product is best for a budding enthusiast who wants to explore the potential of a wide range of tools.

8. SOG Tactical Tomahawk

This elegant tactical tomahawk has a razor sharp blade. It is light and heavy duty, too, making it a fabulous survival axe and fire rescue tool. A pierced spike opposite the blade is also a nice touch that can offer a lot of additional functionality.

SOG Tactical Tomahawk


  • A good relationship between cost and quality.
  • Ridged handle that's easy to grip.
  • A strong edge on the axe.


  • Very small axe.
  • Complaints that chips come quickly.

This product is best for people who want a portable and convenient little throwing axe that offers durability and results.

9. Smith & Wesson Throwing Axes & Knives Set

Smith & Wesson is well known for quality outdoors product, and this throwing axe set is no exception. They're made from stainless steel and are balanced to perfection. 

Smith and Wesson Throwing Axe


  • A quality item.
  • Has the durability to last for many years.
  • Comes with throwing knives.


  • Some customers reported the knives didn't come in their package

This product is best for anyone looking for a durable and high quality stainless steel throwing axe.

10. SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3

SOG is one of the big names when it comes to axes and blades. This set of three tomahawk axes is perfect if you are looking to take up axe throwing and sharpen your abilities. These are stainless steel tomahawks that are hardcased. Each tomahawk has a perfect balance that makes it a great fit for throwing.

SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3


  • Great value for money.
  • Retain a sharp edge.
  • Sharp out of the box.


  • A little on the lighter side.
  • Some complains about the comfort of the handles.

This product is best for axe throwing enthusiasts who want to get value for money with a range of axes.

The Best Throwing Axe

As you can see, there are a huge range of throwing axes on the market that you can choose from. It's all a matter of assessing the options out there according to your specific tastes and requirements.

In terms of our recommendation, we believe that the Smith & Wesson axe and knife set represents a great offer. There's some great value to be found here and if you're particularly interested in harnessing your throwing axe abilities, you can't go wrong.

These axes are durable and retain their edge, meaning that you can practice for hours on end and sharpen your skills. The handles are also comfortable and functional, helping you to reduce fatigue while getting accurate results.

We hope that this closer look at the best throwing axes out there has been useful for you. We wish you all the best in finding the throwing axe that is perfect for your needs!