10 Best Pulaski Axes: Complete Buying Guide

A Pulaski axe is a very useful heavy-duty tool that is designed to perfectly fight forest fires, chop down trees and take on complex landscaping and gardening tasks. They are built to be heavy-duty and insanely durable. The Pulaski has a unique axe head compared to other tools and is designed with a two-sided blade made up of a standard axehead bit on one side, and an adze, or sharp, flat, perpendicular blade, on the other.

Pulaski axes are a fairly recent invention credited to Ed Pulaski, an assistant forest ranger with the US Forest Service in the early 1900s. After his heroic actions to save a crew of 45 firefighters during the infamous fire disaster in Idaho in 1910, he took action to create a tool that he felt would better aid in fire rescue for years to come.

While originally intended to assist firefighters in rescue missions, the Pulaski axe has also become a great tool to dig up pesky roots, turn the soil when farming or gardening, and to chop down trees quickly and easily. This is the perfect tool for anyone looking to complete personal projects around the home to fire rangers needing something to effectively and safely stop fires.

How to Buy the Best Pulaski Axe

If you’re on the hunt to find the best Pulaski axe for your needs, look no further than our axe buying guide. There are just a few important things to consider when looking for the best Pulaski axe.

The Blade

A Pulaski Axe is a very specific style of axe, so when shopping, there isn’t a lot of variation in the style and construction of the blade. A traditional Pulaski axe head is double-sided to feature a standard sharp blade as well as an adze. An adze is a flat, smaller blade that mimics a gardening hoe and runs perpendicular to the handle.

This particular axe head design makes it a great tool for landscaping, gardening, small chopping projects, and fire fighting because the two different blades offer a variety of functions.

The Handle

Another important feature of a Pulaski axe is the handle. Traditionally constructed straight without a curve and from wood, the lengths may vary. The most common length is 36 inches long, but there are shorter options, too, depending on what you prefer. 36 inches is a great length that allows you to get a great grip on it and complete a powerful swing without compromising precision.

The Weight

Anytime you are out shopping for an axe, determining the best weight for you is a key feature. An axe’s power and speed depend a lot on the weight, and therefore, what it is best used for. Since a Pulaski axe is best used for fire fighting and landscaping, it is often lighter than other axes and comes in around 2.5 - 3.5 pounds.

Top 10 Pulaski Axes

1. Council Tool Pulaski Axe

Council Tool is a brand that is well known to produce quality and durable Pulaski axes. Their classic Pulaski axe features a single bit axe head that is dual-sided to include both the adze and standard blade. The handle is constructed from strong American hickory and measures 36 inches long. The enamel red axe head is Council Tool’s signature trademark, and this axe is great for a variety of tasks such as general landscaping, forestry needs, and fighting wildfires.

Council Tool Pulaski Axe


  • High quality, American made materials.
  • A brand name you can trust for honest and true practices.
  • Straight and comfortable handle.


  • Blades come sharpened, but not extra sharp.

This product is best for forestry tasks and fighting wildfires as well as general landscaping projects.

2. Nupla PA375-36 Pulaski Axe

The Nupla PA375-36 Pulaski axe is a great go-to option for those who need a quality axe. It is made with a classic straight handle and has a nice grip for easy swinging that won’t slip out of your hands. The handle material is Nupla’s very own Nuplaglas®, a super strong and safe fiberglass that doesn’t disappoint on the durability front. It measures the standard length of 36 inches long and weighs in at a good weight of 3.5 pounds.

Nupla PA375-36 Pulaski Axe


  • The handle is made from the market’s strongest and safest fiberglass, Nuplaglas®.
  • Great grip for easy swinging.


  • Not the traditional design with a handle made from wood.

This product is best for shoppers looking to buy a reliable and very strong and durable Pulaski axe that will stand the test of time.

3. Truper Pulaski Axe

Truper delivers a quality standard Pulaski axe that has won over the hearts of budget shoppers. Featuring a handle that measures 35 inches and made from strong hickory, the design is industry standard for optimal comfort and strength. The blade is heat-treated and assembled by wood and steel wedge. The entire axe weighs 3.5 pounds, consistent with most Pulaski axes on the market.

Truper Pulaski Axe


  • Great affordable price for the quality.
  • Traditional and standard Pulaski axe design and construction.


  • A slightly shorter handle than other Pulaski Axes.

This product is best for budget shoppers looking for an affordable Pulaski axe that is still great for recreation or home use.

4. Seymour AX-P3 Pulaski Axe

This 3.5 pound and 36 inch long Pulaski axe from Seymour offers great strength and durability for outdoor work. The handle is made from sturdy hickory wood, and the blade is single bit. It’s designed to stay put when swinging and shouldn’t rotate at all upon contact. The blade is made from steel.

Seymour AX-P3 Pulaski Axe


  • Designed not to rotate.
  • Made with durable materials such as steel and hickory.
  • Super lightweight.


  • The blade is a little softer than other Pulaskis.

This product is best for at-home landscaping, gardening, and small wood chopping projects.

5. Midwest Rake Pulaski Axe

This Pulaski Axe from Midwest Rake is constructed from durable and non-corrosive fiberglass to stand the test of time. It features a handle that is slightly shorter than others on this list measuring in at 31 inches. The head is 12 inches wide, and the entire tool weighs just 6 pounds.

Midwest Rake Pulaski Axe


  • Non-corrosive and non-conducting fiberglass handle.
  • Great affordable price.


  • The handle has some bend to it.

This product is best for outdoors folk who need it more for pulling roots, landscaping and for cutting down small trees and branches.

6. Nupla PA375-ESG Pulaski Axe

Another great Pulaski axe option from Nupla, the 375-ESG, is specially crafted with a non-slip grip handle for even the wettest and most slippery of conditions. It’s also designed with ergonomics in mind for a powerful swing. The material is made from their famous Nuplaglas®, so you know this axe will be strong and durable. The fiberglass construction also ensures that the axe is very resistant to weather and insects.

Nupla PA375-ESG Pulaski Axe


  • Non-slip grip and ergonomically designed handle.
  • The standard weight of 3.5 for optimum use.


  • Handle stops before axe head and connected by steel rods rather than one solid piece.

This product is best for chopping and cutting through trees, branches, and roots, but not necessarily for fires.

7. Barebones Living Pulaski Axe

Barbones Living brings to the table a Pulaski axe that is both effective at what it does, and beautifully designed and crafted. Their blade is made from super strong carbon steel that connects to an attractive 21 inch beech wood handle, a unique feature to find in Pulaski axes on the market. This axe has a removable hex nut to easily replace the handle should it break or need fixing down the road. It weighs in at a hefty 5.55 pounds for a powerful swing best for larger-bodied people.

Barebones Living Pulaski Axe


  • Comes with a leather sheath for safe storage.
  • Designed with s removable hex nut to easily replace the handle if needed.


  • Shorter and heavier than most Pulaski axes - weighs in at 5.5 lbs and 21 inches.

This product is best for camping use or small projects that require close chopping due to the shortened handle.

8. Collins Landscaping/Pulaski Axe Double Bit, Heat-Treated 3-3/4 Lb. Fiberglass 36 "

This 3.5 pound sturdy Pulaski axe from Collins Landscaping is another great affordable option on this list. The handle is made from 34 inches of double injected fiberglass and definitely catches your eye with its bright yellow design. With fiberglass, you don’t have to worry about splintering or breakage as much as with a wooden handle. The handle on this axe can also be replaced if needed with a new replacement handle crafted by Collins Landscaping.

Collins Landscaping/Pulaski Axe Double Bit, Heat-Treated 3-3/4 Lb. Fiberglass 36 "


  • Durable fiberglass handle that can be replaced if needed.
  • Cool yellow design that won’t get lost amongst your tools.


  • A budget buy without many reviews to verify the quality.

This product is best for general firefighter needs or landscaping and gardening tasks.

9. Truper 30529 Pulaski Axe

Truper’s 30529 Pulaski Axe is a great little axe for farm or house work and small wood chopping projects. It’s designed with a 35 inch hickory handle and a heat-treated steel blade. Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, it’s easy to swing and use for a variety of projects. It’s also an affordable option that is easy on your wallet but tough on your outdoor tasks.

Truper 30529 Pulaski Axe


  • Double hickory handle that’s both durable and attractive.
  • A heat-treated blade that’s strong.


  • Softer steelhead that requires constant sharpening.

This product is best for farm, dairy, sport or gardening projects around the house and while camping.

10. The AMES Companies, Inc True Temper Landscaping Axe

Inspired by the design and construction of the Pulaski axe, this landscaping tool from True Temper is great for at-home wood chopping, branch trimming, and small log splitting and cutting. The axe weighs 3.75 pounds and rocks a 36 inch long handle for far reach when trimming trees. The handle is made with a no-slip grip design, so your axe won’t fall from your hands.

The AMES Companies, Inc True Temper Landscaping Axe


  • Handle guard to ensure zero slipping.
  • Standard durable and strong hickory wood handle.


  • The blade may arrive a little dull.

This product is best for outdoor landscaping projects, branch trimming, and for avid gardeners looking for a handy house tool.

The Best Pulaski Axe: Council Tool Pulaski Axe

While there are so many options to choose from, you can truly never go wrong with the traditional, American made Pulaski axe from Council Tools. A household brand name that outdoorsmen trust, the durability and quality of materials is unparalleled.

The Pulaski axe is a beloved forestry tool rich with history and heroism. Crafted and designed by Ed Pulaski back in the early 1900s, this bad boy is made to stop wildfires right in their tracks and assist in life-saving measures for firefighters. Not only is this tool great for fighting fires, but it’s also a fantastic axe to have on hand for avid landscapers and gardeners.

All thanks to the double-sided blade design that features both a standard axe head and an adze, the Pulaski axe is a must-have tool that can tackle a wide variety of tasks. No outdoorsmen, firefighter, or landscaper should leave home without a strong and durable Pulaski axe.