10 Best Felling Axes For Cutting Down Trees

Felling axes are specialist tools that help people around the world to fell large trees and split big logs. These axes have a long length and a heavy head - this means that they can generate a huge amount of kinetic energy.

These are specialist tools and you won't find them in most sheds. If you're looking to buy a felling axe, you'll want to make sure that you do your research to find the absolute best option on the market.

Here's a closer look at felling axes and the best options on the market - let's begin with our felling axe buying guide.

How to Buy the Best Felling Axe

There are a range of features and characteristics that make a great felling axe. Here's a closer look at the key features that you should look out for.

The Handle

First and foremost, you'll want to make sure you find an axe with the right handle. This handle should be long enough for your needs and it should fit comfortably in your hands. You're going to be creating a huge amount of force so you want a robust handle that reduces the shock you feel with each strike.

There are a wide range of materials that can be used to create an axe handle. Hickory is very popular but felling axe handles can also be made from other materials like ash, birch, and walnut.

If you make the right choice when it comes to your handle, you'll have a felling axe that could last a lifetime. It's easy to replace the head on these axes so the handle should be the star of the show.

The Head

You're going to want to pay careful attention to the head on the axe, of course. Felling axes push apart the wood that they strike rather than cut into it - this is why the heavier heads are often more effective.

You've got to strike the right balance when it comes to the weight of your axe head, though. If it's too heavy you will find that you quickly lose the accuracy that comes with lighter heads. It's a delicate balancing act and it will depend on a range of factors like your own weight, cutting technique, and preferences.

The Blade

The blade is very important, too. You'll want to find a strong material that is resistant to chipping and damage over time. The material can also have a big impact on the weight of the overall head.

If you're going to be using the axe for many years, you'll also want to find a material that allows you to care for and sharpen the blade over the years.

felling axes

The Finish

The best felling axe manufacturers are able to produce felling axes that have a beautiful finish. This means that everything is aligned well, the handle grain is set properly, and the head connects seamlessly to the handle.

All of these little touches should be immaculate. Those little things can come together to make an average axe truly special and durable.

The Design

You'll also want to think about the aesthetics of your axe - do you prefer a classic look or would an all-metal axe suit you better? You should find a feeling axe that you like the look of - it's going to be with you for many years to come!

The design can also have a strong impact on the overall effectiveness of the felling axe. You'll want to find a design that maximizes the force you can exert to get the cleanest cut possible.

The Ergonomics

Your felling axe should just feel right, too. If you choose the right felling axe, you'll find that it can become a lifelong companion that feels fantastic.

Everybody has a different type of taste when it comes to the ergonomics of a felling axe. If you can, try to explore some different option yourself. Hold those axes in your hand and start to think about what you like and dislike about them.

The Manufacturer

In the world of felling axes, there are a wide range of manufacturers. Each one has a different reputation and you can rest assured that if you buy from a renowned manufacturer you'll get a really great axe.

You should be sure to investigate the felling axe landscape a little bit to really get a good idea of which companies offer the best products. In our buying guide, we will cover some of the biggest names in the business.

Top 10 Felling Axes

Now that we have a better understanding of how we can assess the quality of a felling axe, let's look at the 10 best options available to you.

1. Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe, 35 Curved Handle

First up, we have this strong option that has a classic look and feel. It weighs in at 4.8 lb and has a 35-inch curved handle. This means that the axe feels comfortable and allows you to generate a lot of force!

Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe


  • A quality manufacturer with a great reputation
  • Well balanced and a great feel
  • Unbeatable craftsmanship


  • A limited range of finishes

This product is best for people who want a robust axe that will last them for many years to come.

2. Council Tool 3.5 lb Classic Jersey Pattern SB Axe with 36 inch Straight Wooden Handle

This large felling axe is a lighter option that has a natural steel finish on its edge and a hickory handle. This handle material is robust and means that the axe can last for many years to come.

Council Tool 3.5 lb Classic Jersey Pattern SB Axe


  • A straight handle option
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Made in America


  • Some complaints about handle grain

This product is best for people who want a lighter axe with a straight handle.

3. Hults Bruk Kalix Felling Axe

This felling axe offer a shorter handle and a lighter weight. This means that it can provide some incredibly accurate cuts. Solid American hickory is used for the handle while solid Swedish steel is used for the axe head.

Hults Bruk Kalix Felling Axe


  • Great balance between price and quality
  • More mobile
  • Sleek and graceful


  • The head can get a little wobbly

This product is best for people who want a short handle and a more transportable felling axe.

4. Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe 31" Curved Handle

This quality felling axe is a professional option that has the ability to fell very large trees. It has a broad edge that measures in at 11.5cm, while its 32" curved handle feels great in your hands.



  • A razor sharp blade
  • A tight feel
  • Impressive cutting abilities


  • Some occasional complaints about chips to the head

This product is best for people who want a classic look and feel for their felling axe.

5. 1844 Helko Werk Germany Black Forest Woodworker Axe

This German-made axe weighs in at 3.5 lbs with a 24 inch handle. It has an American hickory handle and uses a high grade C50 carbon steel for its head. The axe really does look beautiful and offers a classic feel.



  • Very high quality
  • Wide handle allows a lot of purchase
  • Holds a fantastic edge


  • Somewhat lighter compared to other options

This product is best for people who want a truly beautiful product that offers an amazing experience.

6. Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe

The axe head on this felling axe is made from Swedish axe steel - the foundry has been in operation since 1697! The steel is incredibly dense and offers an impressive amount of force. The 32 inch handle is robust and has been treated with linseed oil, too.

Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe


  • A natural shape and sweep
  • A dense head for lots of power


  • Scattered complaints about product quality

This product is best for people who want a strong head and a traditional look at feel.

7. Hults Bruk Torneo Compact Felling Axe

Another Hults Bruk offering, this felling axe offers a far more compact experience. It weighs in at just 2.86 lbs with a handle length of 26 inches. The materials are the same as the option above and the reduced size makes this axe much more portable.

Hults Bruk Torneo Compact Felling Axe


  • Swinging feels great
  • The head is strong and fits perfectly
  • Gracefully balanced


  • Some axes arrive with a dull blade

This product is best for people who want the quality and feel of a Hults Bruk felling axe with a more compact and portable finish.

8. Amer Felling Axe

This Amer felling axe weighs in at 4 lbs with a 35 inch handle. This particular axe is lauded for its amazing axe head that is wide and sharp. This makes it a fantastic option when it comes to felling trees.



  • A beautiful and high-quality product
  • The heavy axe achieves great cuts
  • Has a deep bite in terms of cutting


  • Some complaints about poor finishes

This product is best for people who want a truly beautiful axe that will last for many years - and even generations!

9. Fiskars 375581-1001 Chopping Axe

This felling axe offers a more modern look and feel. The balance and power-to-weight ratio has been perfected to increase swinging speed and multiply the power achieved. In fact, it has been likened to an aluminium baseball bat.

This option also has a hardened forged steel blade that offers a sharp edge for better contact and cleaner cuts.

Fiskars 375581-1001 Chopping Axe


  • The blade can be made to be razor sharp
  • The lightweight handle makes it easy to transport
  • Great construction and workmanship


  • The handle is straight and rigid which can cause bruising without gloves

This product is best for people who want a high-tech felling axe that offers unparalleled sharpness when it comes to the blade.

10. 1844 Helko Werk Germany Vario 2000

With a 4-pound head and a 36 inch handle length, this rugged Vario axe can offer some incredible power. A lot of attention has been paid to the ergonomic handle that helps to create excellent balance while minimizing fatigue.

1844 Helko Werk Germany Vario 2000


  • A beautiful axe with a traditional finish
  • A sharp blade
  • Replaceable heads and handles


  • Some complaints about quality control

This product is best for people who want a powerful felling axe that offers a great look and feel.

The Best Felling Axe: Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe

As you can see, there are a wide range of quality felling axe options out there on the market. Personal preference plays a huge role in determining whether or not you like a particular axe, so it's important that you try as many as you can.

An axe that might feel natural and comfortable for one person could be awful for another person - there's a lot of subjectivity out there but we believe that you can't go wrong with the Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe.

While we understand that this axe may be too long or heavy for some, it really does offer everything that you could want from a felling axe. It is incredible powerful and helps you to achieve deep cuts that improve efficiency and help you to work quicker.

The materials are unparalleled, too, meaning that this axe could feasibly last you for many years to come. We also adore the traditional look and feel (but we understand that many people will prefer more modern finishes.

If you want a traditional felling axe that it capable of felling very large trees, this is the option that you should be looking at.

We hope that this felling axe buying guide has been useful for you. We're confident that if you conduct the necessary research, you'll be able to find a beautiful axe that will last you for many years to come - and maybe even become a treasured family heirloom!